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Teaching histology is expensive particularly in some universities with limited or aging resources such as microscopes and inadequate histological slide collections.  Increasing numbers of student enrolments has required duplications of laboratory classes.  Such practical classes are staff intensive and so teaching hours are increased.  Technology can now solve many of these issues but perhaps, more importantly, can also cater for the self-directed and independent learning needs of today’s learners. 

This website utilises both technology-enhanced and interactive learning strategies to revolutionise histology teaching via learning resources that can be accessed on this website. Histology students can access these resources to maximise their learning outcomes and enable them to complete all learning outcomes away from the traditional classroom environment (i.e., online). Most appropriately, all these resources address and help solve cognitive challenges that students experience in histology learning.

The learning platforms offer a variety of formative assessment formats. On completion of a quiz, instant feedback can be provided for students, which makes histology learning efficient and can significantly improve students’ performance in examinations.

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