Use of Virtual Microscopy

Virtual microscopy is a digital process that provides a realistic alternative to the viewing of glass mounted slides with the aid of a light microscope. It is a very cost-effective initiative to transfer practical histology teaching and learning away from a traditional histology classroom environment.

Included in the functions of the virtual microscope on this platform is the availability to view sections at multiple magnifications which correspond to the objective lenses on a light microscope (i.e., x4, x10, x20, x40 and x100). The magnification can be adjusted using the keyboard or mouse wheel. At any given magnification the entire slide can be moved, as if using a light microscope, by clicking on the slide and simultaneously moving the mouse. 

Using this facility with enhance the user’s engagement in his/her histology courses, provide a better understanding of the curriculum, and so lead to improved performances in examinations.

Interactive Online Microscopy Demo

Click and drag to position slide – Scroll mouse to zoom in/out
IMPORTANT NOTE: Virtual Microscopy is only available on desktops and laptops.  It may not work with some touch screen devices. Please use Chrome or Safari.

Interactive Online Microscopy Demo

Interactive Microscopy is currently available only on Desktops and Laptops.  Touch screens are not supported on Tablets and Mobile devices.

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