Histology Atlas Curriculum

Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system consists of the ovariesuterine tubesuterus and vagina and the external genitalia (including the labia majora and labia minora).  Included in this topic is the non-lactating and lactating mammary gland.

Learning outcomes

After studying the female reproductive system you should:

  • know the organs of the female reproductive system.
  • recall structural features distinguishing the stages of follicular development i.e. primordial follicles, primary follicles, secondary follicles, antral follicles and a pre-ovulatory follicle.
  • know what occurs during the follicular phase and luteal phase of the ovarian cycle.
  • know what occurs during proliferative phase and secretory phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • be able to recall the hormonal regulation of the ovarian and menstrual cycle and other organs/tissues of the female reproductive system.
  • describe the structure of the uterine tube, cervix and vagina, lactating and non-lactating mammary gland.

Learning Modules

Mammary gland (lactating)

Mammary gland (non-lactating)





Uterine tube


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