Histology Atlas Curriculum

Nerve & Ganglia

Nerve tissue controls many of the activities of most tissues and organs in the body.  This first module deals with the “peripheral nervous system” and then it is followed by the next topic dealing with the “central nervous system” i.e. the spinal cord and the brain.

Learning outcomes

After viewing the histological images and interactive text in this module you should be able to recognize the following structures:

  • Peripheral Nerve

myelinated axon.
nonmyelinated axon.
Schwann cells.
node of Ranvier.
perineurial sheath.
endothelial cells & fibroblasts.

  • Sensory ganglion

ganglion cell.
satellite cells.

  • Autonomic ganglion

sympathetic ganglion.
multipolar neuron.
postganglionic sympathetic neuron.
myenteric ganglion.

  • Distinguish myelinated and unmyelinated axons in peripheral nerves with the following stains:

Masson stain.
Bodian stain.

  • Recognize small branches of nerves running in connective tissue.

Learning Modules

Small nerves

Parasympathetic ganglion

Sympathetic chain (autonomic) ganglion

Spinal (dorsal root) ganglion

Vagus nerve

Peripheral nerve (H&E)

Peripheral nerve (Bodian stain)

Peripheral nerve (Masson stain)

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