Histology Atlas Curriculum

Oral Cavity, Tooth and Gingiva

The oral cavity serves to break down food that we injest into a bolus to be then quickly passed into the esophagus.

Learning outcomes

After studying this topic you should

  • know the types of mucosa that line the lip and oral cavity.
  • know structural and functional similarities and differences between the parotid, submandibular, sublingual and minor salivary glands.
  • know the structure of the tongue.
  • identify and know structure and functions of filiform, fungiform and circumvalate papillae.
  • know the structure of a taste bud.
  • identify glands and skeletal muscle components in the tongue.

Learning Modules


Developing tooth

Decalcified tooth

Tooth (ground section)


Major salivary glands

Masticatory mucosa

Hard palate


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